Quarantine Bundle

Quarantine Bundle

Is quarantining giving you the blues and you can’t seem to shake the stress and uncertainties of the times we’re living in right now? Well you aren’t alone, and I have what you need to boost your physical, emotional, and energetic health. This bundle will absolutely help you make the best out of your time at home. Whether if you need more motivation to start your passion project, or have a hard time allowing yourself to rest, or if you’re unsettled by unfortunate recent events, this bundle is for you. The quarantine bundle includes:

Sea Moss to keep your immune system strong, fight mucus, and promote better brain function. 

Palo santo to burn and invite relaxing positive energy.

Lavender to help ease anxiety, stress, and give you better sleep. 

Unisex Fluorite necklace to absorb and neutralize negative energy/stress. Great learning aid because it increases your ability to concentrate.

And one of 3 crystal bracelets, you can choose between 

•Howlite- teaches patience, eliminates stress, calming, encourages awareness, and stimulates inner wisdom.

•Fancy Jasper- brings wholeness, healing into any environment or situation, intensifies wellbeing, builds inner strength and confidence. 

•Unakite- helps you live in the now so you can maximize with your current situation. Gives you energy to take action, promoting mental clarity. Heals your mind and heart by giving you more compassion, kindness and love.

This bundle is valued at $80 and you can get it now for $55.55. I’m excited to be of service to you during these interesting times but we will get through this together.