2021 Tucson Gem Show Intuitively Chosen Crystal Box

2021 Tucson Gem Show Intuitively Chosen Crystal Box

*Please Read Entire Description*

If you know you want something from this years Tucson Gem show but you want a more simplistic option compared to the personal shopper experience?  Or are you just open to me intuitively choosing for you? Well my love this is the best option for you, each box will have 5 - 15 intuitively chosen crystals that you normally wouldn’t find in my shop or story sales, and you can chose between raw, polished/shaped, or mix of both boxes. 

You can pick between these four options:
“I’m Balling On A Budget Box” $25 (up to 5 crystals small sizes) 
“Let’s Meet In The Middle Box” $50 (up to 10 crystals small to palm size crystals)
“Let’s Have Some Fun Box”  $75 (up to 10 crystals small- medium *approximately no more than 6 inches*) 
“ High Roller Box “ $100 (sky’s the limit can be 1 larger piece *over 6 inches* or up to up to 15 mixed size crystals. 

Please specify in the notes of your order if you would like Raw, Polished/ Shaped, or a mix of both. 

Smaller prices boxes you can expect smaller pieces, where as larger boxes you can expect mixed sizes and varieties. I look forward to being this exciting experience to you from the comfort of your own home ❤️

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